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s that online levitra a humongous hickey I see or did Dylan swallow an apple?" and then, directed at me he said, "Willie's been looking for you for years. He's so particular, and he finally found what he was looking for. And the buy levitra online size of that hickey tells me you're one lucky boy too! Give me a kiss!" and he pulled my head roughly over to kiss my lips leaving greasy-feeling lipstick behind. He screamed, "Oh no! levitra coupon Willie will get mad" meaning online levitra the lipstick he'd left on me. He pulled out what looked to me like a lady's hanky, spit on it, and wiped the levitra online lipstick off my lips. Willie was chuckling, "Poor Dylan, Lon has a crush on him already" and Terry just groaned, "Oh God, not another one". Willie explained to me that he'd met these two a few years ago at a gay out-reach program that one of the churches in Cambridge was having. None of them joined the church, but they all hit it off and have been doing things together at least once a month for two years now. Lon and Terry are a couple... they own a spa/salon together situated not generic vardenafil far from where we were. Lon does make-up and nails and Terry is the hair stylist. It's a unisex salon catering mostly to gays as well as rich generic levitra woman from Beacon buy levitra Hill and Cambridge. "Oh my goodness, the liberal rich straight woman can't love us enough, can they Terry?" Lonny was effervescent about everything. When we couldn't eat any more, levitra 20mg four of us... Willie, me, Lon and Terry went to get an adult beverage. From last year's block party Willie told me that it doesn't matter even a little bit if levitra 20mg one is an adults or not... if you got the money, you get online levitra the drink. Jeremy and Martin went over to the dance floor, they don't drink much. We got grapefruit juice and vodka for which Willie paid five dollars each... the alcohol drinks helped cover generic levitra the cost of the block party I was told. We talked with Lon and Terry some more... well actually, mostly levitra online Willie and Lon talked. Terry generic levitra online stayed real close to Lon and Willie always had an arm around me so I guess Terry and I were playing the levitra 20 mg same role in our gay relationships... I had no problem with it and Terry didn't seem to mind either. Even though Terry and Lonny were levitra coupon vardenafil levitra 20 demonstratively "gay" I enjoyed vardenafil being with them. I'm gay and vardenafil it just felt good being with other gays, even levitra 20 mg those who were maybe a bit too flamboyant. Finished our first drinks Willie got everyone a second. Lon and Terry were drinking online levitra white wine that Terry let me levitra 20mg taste... gastly! Worse than those strong beers Willie got us in the gay club in Sea Isle City. generic vardenafil We finished generic levitra online our second drinks while Willie and me smoked. We had to tolerate Lon chastising us for smoking. Willie just laughed and said he was forced to smoke as a levitra 20 compromise, his boyfriend had levitra online insisted and Willie said generic levitra online he was afraid to say no. He smiled at me buy levitra while telling that half generic levitra truth. That's alright, he was kidding me, levitra coupon but he was also smoking so I won at least one concession between us. It was very relaxing all the way around and the vodka probably helped, but mostly it was the guys. Lonny was teasing us about our haircuts, it seemed everybody did, and then said, "Oh my God, I just thought levitra generic levitra generic of this, generic levitra Willie... do you have Dylan in girl's panties yet. buy levitra That's always buy levitra been your fantasy, right?" I go, "Panties?" and Lonny generic vardenafil says, "Oh yeah, Willie wants his boyfriend, if he ever found one, wearing girlie silky panties with little bows and frilly lace. I bet you buy levitra online didn't generic vardenafil know I knew that, did you Dylan? Can you show us a little peek at what they look like?" Willie said, "He levitra 20 doesn't know about the panties fantasy, Lon! Not until you opened your big mouth levitra generic anyway... so obviously he's not wearing them." Then Willie giggled and added, "Not yet, anyway. I'm sneaking up to it". Willie and Lonny were both laughing about it, but I think they were serious. Lon goes, "Oh Dylan, please wear them for your boyfriend. I want to see how proud he'll be if you do." I'm like, "Huh?" and Willie pulls my head over and says, "Would you do that for levitra 20 me, baby? Wear some silky panties? Seriously, would you?" He really meant it, and although I wanted him to be able to show-off for generic levitra online his friends, I didn't want to wear levitra 20mg panties, not really. Never-the-less, I mumbled, "I guess I levitra 20 will if you really need me to" and Willie nods his head at Terry and Lon and said, "See..." They go, "You rock Willie!" and then they do a limp wristed version of a high-five. Lon says, "Let's dance a while" and the four of us headed over towards the dance floor with me levitra generic thinking... girlie panties?. On the way Lon bought all of us another drink which we put on an empty table for after we finished vardenafil our dance. As it turned out Willie and I did four fast dances in a row... the silk panty talk drifted out of my mind and I concentrated on my dance steps. I levitra online was dancing the way Willie had taught me to dance that time at his mother's birthday party. After the first dance Willie says, "You got good rhythm levitra 20 mg Dylan, try this move. After you do this, do this twice"... and just like that he taught be a new step. It was so cool, he's a great dancer, one of the best I saw all night at the party. We worked up a nice little sweat on our faces and when the DJ played a slow song, Willie and me wrapped our buy levitra online arms around each other and swayed with the music... the sides of our sweaty faces pressed together. I could feel the vodka doing it's job on my head... I was very relaxed, having a wonderful time. During the second slow song, Lon cut in saying, "Can I dance with Dylan, levitra coupon Willie?" and Willie just smiled buy levitra online and vardenafil shook his head "OK" then joined Terry at the table to gulp most of that levitra 20 mg third vodka and grapefruit juice. I watched him thinking that the drink had to be warm by